“Dr. Nguyen has showed that he cares about the well being of all his patients and athletes he cares for. I have personally seen his work in chiropractic care and he puts in specific work for specific patients needs which is refreshing. I would defiantly recommend Dr. Nguyen and Seminole chiropractic for any of you chiropractic needs especially for the care of athletes.”

Edmeston Woodley, MS, ATC, LAT, ART, NASM-PES
Assistant Athletic Trainer-Football/Track & Field
UCF Athletics – Sports Medicine

“In my time with Dr. Nguyen, I’ve progressed from not being able to participate in any physical activity, to working out and exercising at a high level every day. My level of pain is greatly reduced, and I am able to live the life I want. I directly credit Dr. Nguyen and his staff for my progress, and can confidently recommend Seminole Chiropractic Medicine to anyone looking for a professional, cost-effective, highly skilled chiropractic experience.”

Tara Conway MS, ATC, LAT

“After only one incredibly painful yet amazing session with Dr. Nguyen, my range of motion almost doubled and I felt stronger with a golf club in my hand than I have in years. I now have the hope of staying Competitive and have begun preparing again for our National event in August!”

Christa Teno
Seminole State Women’s Golf Coach
2012 LPGA SE Section Coach of the Year